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Гречихина Анна
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   Greetings to everyone!
   I’m Anna, but it’s better to say Anya, because I’d like you to feel so comfortable in my country, not like a guest. So, you are welcome!
   You can see my profile here because I’m a tour guide and also I organize wine tastings as a sommelier. But it’s not only my job, it’s my passion.
   Let’s me explain. When I was a student, I studied in Moscow, and when I was telling about my country even not everyone knew a lot about it (especially young people). Later, I started traveling, and even in Europe people just know only the name of the country. That’s why now my aim is to promote Moldova, to make people like it, because I love my country and our people are very hospitable.
   And I’m so happy you’ve already decided to visit it! I’m ready to show you all the attractions of Moldova! To tell about our culture, traditions, to propose the traditional dishes of Moldavian cuisine (in the best traditional restaurants or in the moldavian village in the hospitable family) and of course to organize the wine tastings for you! Moldova has deep winemaking traditions and really good wines are produced here. And our country is multinational so you will be surprised to see the particularities in Transnistria (‘’country in the country’’ ) or Gagauz Yeri ( the autonomy at the South of Moldova).  
   It’s possible to organize any kind of tourism you want – gastronomical, cultural, business, active, religious, alternative etc.
   My comfortable car is ready to pick you up from the airport. You can pay by transfer or cash.
   Don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll try to make you time in Moldova perfect and memorable!
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